Off-Black Got Styles.

Off-Black is one of the biggest Online Shop for Male & Female clothing in Europe. Here, you can also find a trendy assortment of Streetwear, Skate- and Fashion highlights.

Off_Black displays the perfect combination between lifestyle and music. Hip Hop is not just a trend, it is a lifetime attitude.
In order to create your own style, Off-Black provides you with Unique brands 

From Tip to Toe

Off_Black provides everything to style your favourite look.
Besides basics such Baggies, Hoodies, Tees and Sneaker, we also offer a good number of Accessories such as Caps,
Belts, Bags, Skillclipz and Jewellery.

Style emphasises your authenticity.
That's why Off_Black is always open for new influences and styles.
With the priority to sell Top qualitative products
for a low price, Off_Black is setting new standards
in the world of Fashion Clothing.
Beyond that, we also provide fresh Urban-
and Streetwear, so that you can highlight.
your skills with your style.


We only offer original products, which we receive directly from the distributor. Since we order bigger amounts, we can take advantage of the frequency discount and offer you the products for a low price.

You get a „Best Price Guarantee“ on every article in our shop. This means, if you see the same identical product for a lower price in a different shop, we guarantee you a 10% discount on the lower price you found.

Besides to our regular shipping, you can also choose „Quick Shipment“. Our inventory is placed in Berlin and includes all the articles which are listed in our shop.

Thanks to our short paths, we can introduce the new brands to you first. The assortment of Off-Black is constantly growing and includes already more than 15.000 articles, which we offer you for a low price.

We offer you a reliable Hip Hop Online Shop, whereby you can live your lifestyle. Be fresh, be cool, be def!

The Team

Our team consists of over 20 employees, who are working on satisfying your styles and needs. Whether our models, Off_Black photographers, costumer service, order processing, distribution or our management board, everyone is trying to do their best, to provide you a great service and reach the maximum costumer satisfaction. For any questions, wishes or problems, your are more than welcome to contact us at We put a big value on optimising our Online Shop constantly.

Our mission is to surround ourselves with people who get it, and get us. We understand that the lines between high-end fashion and streetwear have blurred and plan to bring together some of the world's most sought after brands to provide authentic experiences for friend collectives across the World.
Off_Black is one of the World's leading luxury retailers, specialising in contemporary men & women’s  designer clothing.
With an extensive brand portfolio. Off-Black brings first class customer service to over 30 country's over the World.
An established online luxury retailer, has been designed as an extension of the brand, offering iconic designer collections and shipping to worldwide customers.